The Vitriots – Rabbit Hole

The Vitriots have released an up beat, angry and punchy new single called ‘Rabbit Hole’ and it had me hooked from the first second. It’s the high amounts of energy, the fast paced instrumentals and the captivating vocals that show the back of The Vitriots’ throats. Its intriguing vocals made me think a lot of a Dutch band that used to be around and that gave the sweatiest live gigs. I’m hoping that The Vitriots can replace them for me, and ‘Rabbit Hole’ seems to prove that they can. It’s a combination of Brit pop, 90’s alternative and modern indie that gives off its unique and vibrant feeling.

The band recorded the track in one take in a live studio.“We booked a session at a rehearsal studio near an Ikea and an old man named Doug (it might have been something else) recorded about eight of our songs in an hour. Some of them were trash, but a couple ended up being alright. ‘Rabbit Holes’ is one of the alright ones.”

Debut EP ‘Lobster Brain’ set the tone for the Australian-rockers and their melodic hooks. They’ve received much love from outlets such as Triple J, Mystic Sons, Bristol Funk and we can now add Music For The Misfits to that list!

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