Plastic Glass – Let Me Know

Freshly released single ‘Let Me Know’ is the latest offering of indie rock quartet Plastic Glass. They are said to be the most promising band of the near future and with their latest single they’re giving us a sneak peek into their future. It’s a lot less energetic than their up beat punk tune ‘Come Clean’ and shows another side of the young lad band from Sunderland. I’ve heard many a great band and was most surprised by the grown up sound of Plastic Glass, going hand in hand with their simple but to the point lyrics. ‘Let Me Know’ was written on the spot during a rehearsal and naturally developed itself into what became the end product. The song is about frustration, receiving mixed signals and others not committing to plans and being unreliable.

The new single seems to have been inspired by modern day indie a lot more than their previous singles, yet still showcases the bands’ unique and stubborn personality. Give it a listen and share your thoughts!


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