Quitting Whitney – Something New

Quitting Whitney have released a loud and banging new single that takes influences from alternative indie and rock and it’s one to be stuck in your head for days! ‘Something New’ was written a few months ago and focuses on the global warming crisis. I think it’s beautiful that music can turn any crisis into something that sounds up beat and catchy, it’s the power musicians have. The LA-based rock duo created a video for their latest single that is not just a great short film but includes lyrics so you can all sing along to ‘Something New’! The duo says “I feel that this video really captures the essence of the song. I think the desperation, anxiety and fear that the song talks about was very naturally captured in the video,”

It’s the up beat rhythm, the hooks in combination with the guitar lines and the lyrics that had me and are so catchy they’re hard to forget. The duo took the pandemic as a time to record new music in their Airbnb which they transformed into a mobile recording studio. Let’s say that not only their sound is rather inventive. Dive into their eclectic mix of electro-rock, hip hop and indie and let us know what you think!

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