Get to know Twilight Driving

I got the chance to get to know Brighton-based indie rockers Twilight Driving a little bit better and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Read about some of their favourite upcoming artists, what they like to do besides music and what they keep themselves occupied with during this pandemic. They’ve also just released their latest single ‘Break Your Heart’ and you can read my thoughts on that right here!

How did you meet each other and how did you start making music?

Will and Aidan met at college and studied music together. After college Will moved down to Brighton and met George where, after a long night talking about the music they mutually liked the beginnings of a band started to form. A year later Aidan moved to the seaside and the music making began. The band found their drummer, Danny, at a gig and were all blown away by his playing style. This is how Twilight Driving were finally formed.

What’s best about the Brighton music scene?

Brighton is always eclectic in every sense of the word, which inevitably bleeds into the music scene. You can go to a gig anywhere in town and you’ll find great bands playing in a genre you like. This is a great space for really earning your chops as you are constantly pushed on and inspired by the great musicianship that is around you.

Who are your three favourite upcoming bands that you are keeping your eyes and ears on this year?

A band we have played a couple of gigs with are Naipia. They make such a big sound for a three piece and really put on a show whenever you see them; would recommend! Another band who we have played gigs with are Orchards, another powerhouse live. They’ve just released their debut album and it’s a cracker! Personal favourite track of Will’s is ‘Luv You 2’. Last but by no means least are MarthaGunn. They’re on a roll at the moment with a steady stream of great releases and another great band to see live!

What are your favourite hobbies besides music?

George likes to cook; our very own Gordon Ramsey. He made chicken wings the other day that looked finger lickin’ good. Will likes to drink wine. We’re not sure if that’s a hobby or an issue. Danny’s just bought a place and he’s basically built the inside of it on his own; so he’s pretty handy. He also built his dining room table; he is available for commissions… Aidan enjoys photography which is a bonus as he’s not short of places to shoot in our beautiful home town.

What’s keeping you occupied during the pandemic?

We’ve all been squirreling away separately working on content to put out once this craziness is over. George and Will have been making acoustic videos of our tracks that you can see on our Instagram @twilightdriving. Aidan has been working like an administrative machine getting all of our releases and socials in order for peoples viewing pleasure. Danny’s got some decking to put down on his balcony.

What is your ultimate goal within your musical career?

Our ultimate goal is to just connect with people and make music people can relate to. every time we play a show we get such a buzz and if we can make that feeling into a career we think we would’ve done ourselves proud. We constantly push ourselves and each other to create music that we are mutually proud of.

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