MarthaGunn – It’s Over

Last week MarthaGunn released their brand new single ‘It’s Over’ and it’s an intriguing indie pop song that draws inspiration from 60’s disco and funk while playing with harmonies and rhythmic hooks. It’s a great follow-up to earlier released single ‘Won’t Need Each Other’ and the two seem to go hand in hand, talking about the notion of love ending and moving on knowing the relationship is officially over.

‘It’s Over’ has a positive sound and harmonies that are soothing and fit right into the puzzle. It’s hook-laden and hard not to dance along to, ‘It’s Over’ showcases the abilities of singer Abi’s raw vocal talent and echoes the happiness of getting rid of unhappy relationships. Even though break ups are tough to deal with, that doesn’t mean they have to be something negative. MarthaGunn makes those endings of toxic relationships sound a lot lighter than they usually are and offer us a shoulder to lean on.

MarthaGunn is a five-piece consisting of best friends that take inspiration from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Haim. They played Peaky Blinder’s Festival, The Great Escape, Citadel Festival and many more, headlined their first UK tour last year and got support from Radio X and performed at the X-Posure Live parties. Their next tour will take place this autumn and promises to be cracking. As that’s a couple of months away, we’ll make do with their latest single, ‘It’s Over’.

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