Corella – Puppets

‘Puppets’ is the first new release of 2020 for indie rock outfit Corella, the Manchester-based band keep building on their infectious and short but sweet indie rock sound. ‘Puppets’ is a thriving, fast-paced and high energy single that shines a light on the successful Corella-formula. The track is explosive from the get go and doesn’t give the listener a chance to be eased into it, it’s all or nothing with Corella. 

The band said about the single: “‘Puppets’ is a track that we’ve been sat on for a while, we struggled to get it right for some time, which kind of created the lyrical content. Feeling frustrated and trapped creatively, we expressed that into this song.” I reckon a lot of us recognise the feeling of being trapped, and not just creatively, ‘Puppets’ can hopefully be a beacon of hope and something to show you that you are not alone in feeling like you’re stuck. This year has done everything it can to hold the music industry back, yet we can still make music and listen to music. I find a lot of comfort in that and I hope you do too.

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