Jamie Scott – Friendly Fire

It was ten years ago when Graffiti6 released one of my favourite albums and tracks of that year, ‘Annie You Save Me’ and ‘Stare Into The Sun’ are timeless songs that have made up a big part of my musical influences of when I was a teenager. It did break my heart when the band broke up, even though listening back to their albums I feel their sound is rather bland. Luckily for all of us, ex-frontman Jamie Scott went solo some years ago and after three years of radio-silence released a new single! ‘Friendly Fire’ is a wandering dream with influences taken from all of the artists he has worked with over the past couple of years. Jamie Scott’s CV is incredibly impressive, with his fingerprints being all over some of the biggest hits written over the past few years by acts such as One Direction, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man and Jessie Ware.

However, that’s not what I would like to focus on, I would like to focus on Jamie Scott as a singer songwriter and solo artist. In 2015 he released ‘My Hurricane’, an inspiring and dreamy folk-inspired album with delicate songs such as ‘The Night’s Gonna Trick Me Again’, ‘Crazy For Loving Me’ and ‘Heaven’s Gates’. His new single ‘Friendly Fire’ is slightly more upbeat and with a more positive vibe to it, yet equally as delicate as his previously released music. We can hear that the musician has been playing guitar since he was seven years old and that Jamie was introduced to musicians such as Stevie Wonder at a very young age.

‘Friendly Fire’ makes me physically feel Jamie Scott’s love and passion for writing great music. Jamie spent a lot of time over the past couple of years on writing music for other artists, however last year made him reflect and focus on his own career as an artist. Dusting off some of his old songs, the ones he had fallen in love with, he locked himself away in his home studio and recorded an entire album. The first release of that album is ‘Friendly Fire’. With its slightly tragic undertones, Jamie takes his listeners on a ride through the emotions of a difficult relationship.

This is the first single in a series that is leading up to the release of album ‘How Still The River’ which is due for release on the 18th of September. Jamie has documented the story behind each song that has defined his career on his social media through series of images and videos, as a way of promoting his music from home!

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