Sea Girls – Do You Really Wanna Know

Sea Girls have released a new banger, ‘Do You Really Wanna Know’ is what we had hoped for and the sound we have gotten acquainted with when it comes to Sea Girls. ‘Do You Really Wanna Know’ is already Radio 1’s Annie Mac’s hottest record and promises to receive a whole lot more attention in the near future. With the release of their new single the band also announce their debut album ‘Open Up Your Head’ which is due for release on the 14th of August.

‘Do You Really Wanna Know’ revolves around the warm and deep vocals of frontman Henry and showcases all the fun the band sounds to have had while writing and producing this single. The bands’ following has been growing since their first release in 2017 and it won’t seem to stop anytime soon. It’s their infectious guitar-driven pop and their unstoppable energy that has made them rather popular. With their upcoming album, the bands’ frontman is stepping into the spotlight as a genuine storyteller and the album promises to be a burst of colourful melodies, guitar- and synth hooks. A teaser of that album is ‘Do You Really Wanna Know’ and it’s out now!

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