Dan Lyons – Mr. Meaner

Ex-Fat White Family drummer Dan Lyons has released single ‘Mr. Meaner’, a track that had already been released earlier this year on album ‘SubSuburbia’ however deserved some extra attention through a separate release. It’s a thought through production with a great deal of spoken word that paints a picture of old rock and the vocals are as comforting as they sound worrying. It’s the passion and energy that seeps through the track from beginning til end, something that intrigues me.

‘Mr. Meaner’ was produced by Florence and the Machine drummer Chris Hayden and Yigit Bulbul, the latter having worked with whenyoung and King Krule to name a few. ‘Mr. Meaner’ continues on the album’s theme of social observations around the darker side of suburban life in modern Britain. Dan on the single “Mr. Meaner lives in SubSuburbia, he has a drinking problem and anger issues. He takes his repressed emotions, turns them into violence and hurts the ones he loves.” Its sound made me think of Blur during their high tide, something I will always be a fan off.

Dan Lyons was, at this very moment, exactly what I needed to be able to refocus on what matters and it’s the quality music that does it. Dan was in the middle of his UK headline tour and about to travel to France when the pandemic hit, hopefully he’ll be able to come back stronger and be able to reschedule the missed shows as the musician is now top of my gig wish list.

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