Crossfire Eagles – Episode

Sheffield-based alternative rock outfit Crossfire Eagles have released new single ‘Episode’ today and it’s hard not to move along to this tune. ‘Episode’ is the latest offering of the band and is about the amount of homeless people on the streets of the boys’ hometown. The band have taken some of the success factors of indie pop and given those a spin with their filthy guitar riffs and the warm vocals of frontman James. Crossfire Eagles have created a strong foundation for themselves to build on, which promises for more dynamic releases in the near future. Their indie/ alternative rock sound isn’t inventive yet well executed. It’s a rather addictive sound they have created with a very well leveled mix for this specific release.

The main goal of ‘Episode’ is to pay a tribute to the people that live on the street, along with anyone that is struggling with mental health issues. It’s a powerful, heartfelt and catchy song that showcases how the band puts nasty situations into something that we can all reflect on and dance along to. The band is influenced by artists such as Catfish and the Bottlemen, Courteeners and Queen, yet I personally am excited to hear some Foo Fighters-inspired Crossfire Eagles tracks!

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