The Violet Whispers – Heaven Knows

The Violet Whispers is Sydney-based musician Nikhil Murthy’s brainchild and ‘Heaven Knows’ is his debut release. Inspired and influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Cat Power and Wes Anderson, ‘Heaven Knows’ is a mix of several genres and is an upbeat, fast-paced alternative pop track infused with a dose of synths. There are more hooks than I can count which leaves this a single that sounds like it’s multiple. The song is an ode to self-acceptance and is written from the point of view of a person looking at someone and dreaming that they could just realise how incredible they really are. Even though on the first listen ‘Heaven Knows’ is a big mishmash of sounds, giving it more attention shows it’s build up and the layers of this song that add depth and flavour… It’s euphoric and shines a light on the immense beauty of our imperfections.

‘Heaven Knows’ is the first of three singles that will all be released this year. I, personally, am unsure what to expect of the upcoming singles as I would not know where to go from here, yet Nikhil seems to have big plans. The musician refuses to adhere to boundaries and brings all his influences to the table to create what he can call his own. ‘Heaven Knows’ definitely is his own!


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