Pastis – Stars & Marmalade

Don’t be fooled by the intro of Pastis‘ new single ‘Stars & Marmalade’, it’s what sounds like a violin and a harp that creates a soothing facade but after a brief couple of seconds the actual Pastis-sound gets introduced. ‘Stars & Marmalade’ is a laid back and guitar-driven track with vocals that shine bright in their given spotlight. “We are made of stars and marmalade…” Is easy to sing along to and the vocals are being accompanied by a satisfying and rather grand sound that at times makes think of a circus soundtrack. It’s well elaborated yet seems to be made not to be taken too seriously. With several instruments, effects and a mash-up of different genres, ‘Stars & Marmalade’ is on the edge of sounding like an unorganised mess.

The Helsinki-based indie pop rock groove-inspired outfit are about to release their upcoming album and this new single is a little taster of what is about to be released. The band themselves compare the song to country-fueled Pulp, and I think I can possibly find myself in that too. Their futuristic and sunny-sounding songs made sure to leave a smile on my face and I am curious what a whole new album of Pastis is going to sound like!


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