How Nice – Elaborate Plans

A pop rock-inspired new single has been released by How Nice, their band name being admirably accurate for their sound. ‘Elaborate Plans’ is the debut single of the Bristol-based indie outfit that has been inspired by bands such as Nirvana, The Beatles and Sum 41. Quite the list, I’d say, taking inspirations from these bands have brought them to their laid back and down-to-earth sound. Surprisingly enough the band molded their guitar riffs and vocal chords in a way that gives them an edge and avoids them sounding like a ripoff.

The trio started sharing their music through Instagram and grew from there into releasing their debut single. ‘Elaborate Plans’ is nothing new, inventive or… elaborate, but brings a smile to your face and is a great cheerer upper for rainy days. To give this review a little spice, underneath you find a short poem by singer Joe about their new single.

Elaborate plans, it makes you dance, it gets you gassed, you raise your hands.
You raise a glass and take a drink it makes you scream, it makes you think.
Learn the words and sing along, got the herbs – bring a bong.
Have a laugh, meditate, How Nice? Well, there’s no debate.
Extra-supercalafragalistic, yeah. it’s great!

… Right, just have a listen if you fancy!

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