Simon Howard – Life Of Today

I appreciate intros but I prefer them to be very short and Simon Howard knows how to write them short but sweet. ‘Life of Today’ is his new single and it’s an Americana-inspired, contemporary folk track with vocals that cut through the bone. The singer songwriter has mastered the art of delicate storytelling and uses it to bring his stories to his listeners. Howard spent a summer in Austin only to return home with his debut EP, ready for recording. ‘Life of Today’ is part of that EP and “is about having enough strength to overcome the day-by-day issues you either hear about or have in your personal life.”

Simon says: “The song came from reminiscing about my childhood and how oblivious I was to everything around me. As you get older you become more aware that the world may not be as perfect as it seemed. Even with this realisation, I believe its important not to over-analyse and become overwhelmed with any issues and stay positive even in dark moments.”

It’s a comforting and relaxed sound that the singer songwriter is bringing and even though the rhythm isn’t as adventurous as I would have liked to hear, Simon’s vocals effortlessly lead us through ‘Life of Today’. Let this single be your ray of sunshine in dark days and find comfort in Simon Howard’s sound.

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