New Music Friday – 24th of April

BF/C – The Year Of The Rat

Are you ready for a lo-fi alternative indie track with an intro that gives you goosebumps? BF/C have just released their latest single ‘The Year of the Rat’ and it’s a theatrical piece of intriguing yet soothing indie dream pop. Two weirdos from Gothenburg, Sweden and California, America have joined forced and brought their inspirations and influences to the table to create a mix of these musical influences and ‘Year of the Rat’ showcases that.

KNASH – Still Alive

KNASH have released their self-proclaimed debut EP today and ‘Still Alive’ is the first single on the EP. It’s a thumping and slightly mysterious indie rock track that breaks into an upbeat and danceable track nearing the end of the first minute. The Stockholm-based outfit consists of six women and they are not afraid to speak their mind and state things just the way that they are. Their debut EP is definitely worth a listen!

TTRRUUCES – Evil Elephant

‘Evil Elephant’ is a haunting and delirious new track and comes with a politically charged Disney-inspired video. Sounds weird? That’s exactly what it is, creative duo TTRRUUCES place creativity and imagination at the forefront of everything they do and describe themselves as ‘Sad Girl meets Lost Boy’. You could say the duo make synth and sample-fueled alternative rock but it’s hard to pin just one genre on their music, a sound that is hard to forget!

lilleburn – The Dark

Back to some more up beat infectious indie pop by Birmingham-based musician Ross Tidmus! You might know him as lilleburn, the name under which he just released new single ‘The Dark’. It’s his fourth self released single and shows his development over the last couple of years. ‘The Dark’ reveals lustful secrets of sexual encounters in the 21st Century, it sounds like Ross is singing his heart out in this latest single that is passionate and speaks out about his past struggles and frustrations.

BLVFF – Want For Nothing

Coventry-based indie rock band BLVFF have also released a new and upbeat, fast-paced and high energy single. ‘Want For Nothing’ is a classic indie rock track with intriguing harmonies, drum rolls and guitar riffs that are ready to fill stadiums. We can hear the band being influenced by early Arctic Monkeys and The Amazons, BLVFF have just added their own modern indie pop sauce and a good portion of energy and emotions. “‘Want For Nothing’ is based on mind games that often come before love, the misconceptions that follow when chasing a bad love conquest and succumbing at all costs.”

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