Eades – Same Guy

Incredibly upbeat and infectious new single ‘Same Guy’ has been released today by the band formed around Leeds-based multi-instrumentalist Harry Jordan. Eades took inspiration from Bollywood-rhythms, 90’s classic grooves and sampled guitar riffs. How they threw all those inspirations into one mold and made it their own, I have no idea, but they do it with great charm and a lot of fun. It’s their self produced lo-fi recording style that is both admirable and astonishing, about the song the band says: “The song started out with a pair of riffs Dave had been working on, inspired by Bollywood music. It made us break away from a certain writing style that had become typical in the writing process of our first EP. Add in the chorus melody Dave brought forward and I instantly knew it was a keeper!”

The rather fast-paced sound and high energy that comes together in the Eades-sound has not been let go off, yet ‘Same Guy’ shows a more refined side of the band that had me hooked more than previous single ‘Saying Forever’. If the band keeps growing the way they have between ‘Saying Forever’ and ‘Same Guy’ I am more than excited to see what they come up with for their next release!

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