HÜS – Animosity

North East-based lo-fi, home-recorded side-project HÜS have released a new track that is enchanting, infectious and offers a lot of positive vibes. ‘Animosity’ is their new release, one that was born from the current lockdown and one that sounds a lot more cheerful than I feel during some days. HÜS are using their time at home wisely by creating more and inventive new music that is made for a broad audience of music-lovers. ‘Animosity’ is a disco-infused, synth-driven alternative pop song that made me think of some of my favourite Dutch artists such as ALASKA POLLOCK and CUT_. With a repetitive chorus and a recognisable, nearly robotic sound the musicians have created something that stands out from the crowd and is a bland of several influences.

‘Animosity’ is the first single of the upcoming concept EP that was fully recorded at the band’s home. Their EP deals with themes of self-isolation, boredom, fear, hoarded toilet rolls and all subjects that keep us occupied during this pandemic. The band said: “We expect public backlash at the news we recorded drum samples out of the ample bags of pasta we panic-bought at our local Co-op.” Did I say inventive? Exactly.

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