Alexia Chambi – Second Date

Alexia Chambi released a new and soulful single today, ‘Second Date’ is her latest and it’s a laid back, relaxed R&B-infused dream pop song that had me smile from ear to ear. ‘Second Date’ is the ray of sunshine that peeks through your window and it turns some rather heavy subjects into an infectious and uplifting song with thought through vocals and a pastel-tinted soundscape. It is the perfect soundtrack for a barbecue in the park with your friends while drinking a bottle of red and soaking up the sunshine. Her commercial yet unique sound and the spot on vocals are what made me listen twice before I decided this is the new difference that I am able to appreciate.

‘Second Date’ is about struggling with intimacy issues and being vulnerable emotionally. Even though these subjects are rather heavy, Alexia turns those struggles into something with a positive twist. The song was written on the beach in Tenerife, something I could picture without an effort. Alexia on ‘Second Date’: “It’s grown out of travelling for several years so the idea of going on a ‘second date’ and the potential of establishing a serious relation seemed like a strange concept to me. It’s a song of vulnerability, yet a message of surrendering to life and to love, and therefore put across in an uplifting and hopeful manner.”

The Danish singer songwriter fell in love with creating and performing at an early age and has been passionately writing songs since she was only eleven. In 2016 she released a collaborative alternative pop EP with Ralph Taylor and released her solo debut EP ‘Bolivia’ in 2018. This year will finally see her with a full live band and hopefully release some more singles soon!

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