Philippine – Gone

Dutch singer songwriter Philippine recently released her debut single ‘Gone’, a mesmerising and charismatic pop song with influences taken from country and folk music. It is her breakable voice and the unexpected hooks that make ‘Gone’ an interesting journey. I wish I would be able to understand all lyrics but the incomprehensibility of the vocals give ‘Gone’ its bit of mystery that made me dig into the young musician a little more. I discovered that Philippine is from Rotterdam, the city nearest to me when I grew up and she has been writing in combination with a love for modern pop and 80’s American country music. ‘Gone’ is her sparkling debut, one that is a strong beginning of a flourishing career.

Fans of Kacey Musgraves and Maggie Rogers will most definitely like Philippine with her modern influences yet 80’s vibe. It is her open and honest appearance that shows her making music is not a way of passing time, it’s a necessity. Philippine sounds delicate yet grand and writes from personal experiences. ‘Gone’ is about letting go of what doesn’t make you happy anymore. It is about running away from a home that doesn’t suite you anymore and shows the beauty of a fresh start.

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