Lyf – Avalanche

Producer Matt Heap has released a new and electronically-fuelled single, ‘Avalanche’ is a mellow yet upbeat and energetic piece of music that has been made nearly entirely with a computer. I’m not the biggest fan of artificial sounds and I’m usually in need of a drummer that absolutely smashes his real life drums, yet ‘Avalanche’ is intriguing and different in its own way. Matt on the single: “‘Avalanche’ is about negative feelings trying to drag you down but you do your best to fight it. These feelings sometimes come all at once, out of nowhere, much like an avalanche.”

Lyf is for fans of alternative indie and synth pop and is outstanding in its own genre, it is a commercial take on the alternative genre that is trying to be different. ‘Avalanche’ stands out because of its hooks and easy-yet-rather-simple-lyrics. What you need at a party is something to dance to, or if you are one of the introverted, a song to bop your head along to, and that’s exactly what Lyf brought us.

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