Innerkid’s Favourites

Innerkid has just released new single ‘I Lied’, which was the perfect moment for me to have a little online chat with the artist and get to know him just a little bit better!

Where do you find new music and inspiration?

I usually look to artists that inspire me and see what they’re listening to. I’m also a recent Spotify convert, their algorithm is always throwing good stuff my way. Inspiration comes and goes but I try to cultivate it as much as possible. I find that when I’m in a good headspace I tend to write more efficiently and I usually like what I’m writing a lot more. Not checking my phone usually helps.

What is your favourite place to listen to music?

My favourite place to listen to music is in my room. It’s my safe haven.

What activity are you unable to do without music?

I used to listen to music while I ran but recently I’ve been listening to audiobooks. Other than that I’ve got to have some good music playing during a long road trip.

What are your top favourite tracks of the moment? 

Deezie Brown – Amplifiers
Hailey Orion – Oh Well
Jono Smithers – Stuck In October
Matthew McNeal – All For Nothing
Aimee Vant – Gnight
Indoor Creature – Dreams Or Whatever
MISSIO – Love Me Whole


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