St Lundi – Ruin

I was lucky enough to got sent on St Lundi‘s latest single ‘Ruin’. Its beautiful and dreamy soundscape made me think of some of my latest favourite artists such as Azu Yeche, The Bergamot and even a little bit of White Lies. It’s the follow up single of debut ‘You’ve Got The Wrong Guy’, which was released last month. 22-year-old troubadour Archie Langley, better known as St Lundi, has now returned and delivered with ‘Ruin’ which is an emotional and grand, piano-driven ballad. The producer turned to his piano and combined its tones with his soaring vocals and a big bucket of reverberation. ‘Ruin’ sounds as if you are standing in a church, just you and the artist, and where every breath is heard.

‘Ruin’ is, in Archie’s own words, about “miscommunication that often leads to confusion. This song is a take on how two people in love are on the brink of breaking down as a result of not doing something that seems so simple to most, talking.” The story represents the moment when the choice is inevitable; to talk, or to let what they have built go to ruin.

At the age of 21, Archie found himself living with family and trying to make it as a singer songwriter in the Portsmouth and Hampshire area. One evening he decided not to go home but to buy a one-way train ticket to London. he played an open mic night that night and made new friends that offered him a couch to sleep on that night. It become his home for the next six months. The young poet is not only bold in his writing, but also in personality, which is what brought him to the release of his second single. This year will see Archie release his debut EP, one that I am very much looking forward to.

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