Sol Croft – She’s Falling

An intro with an endearing and mellow guitar line and a soft voice with a sharp edge is what eases us into Sol Croft‘s new single ‘She’s Falling’. It’s an almost painful and emotional short story that has been influenced by artists such as Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. It drips of a dark and moody atmosphere that tells us there is nothing such as a happy ending, however this single is also comforting and feels like a soft yet grey blanket on my shoulders. His intensity brings goosebumps to my skin and his stories are only as intense as his sound.

‘She’s Falling’ was added to a collection of his most recent work, together with ‘Wounded Serenade’ and ‘Unglauben’ amongst some of his other singles. Me and Sol Croft have something in common and they are three great artists in particular that have influenced and inspired the both of us. Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed and John Cale are men that have greatly influenced my musical taste from when I was a little girl, I had given up the hope that an artist would rise and aspire to bring a sound similar to theirs in these modern indie times. Sol Croft is doing it. It’s brave, he’s nearly there, it’s inspiring.


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