Arcwords – Finger on the Trigger

It’s a big day for Arcwords, their first fun single has been released! ‘Finger on the Trigger’ was the first time the band recorded something that was so much fun, musically. If you’re a fan of groovy pop, ‘Finger on the Trigger’ is the single for you. It’s a greay way of being introduced to Arcwords’ music. Even though the single has a dark tint lyric-wise, the upbeat soundscape makes up for it. The single follows the movements of a would-be assassin, from the perspective of the man he is about to kill.

‘Finger on the Trigger’ is a combination of warm, low pitched vocals and an interesting soundscape that just doesn’t stand still. The hook-fuelled track takes influences from indie pop and disco with a rather dance-able art rock approach. With its to the point title, you won’t expect this sunlit sound which is what’s intriguing, a little worrying yet also what makes it stand out for me. The Dublin-based indie band met when they were students at BIMM and have spent the last three years creating their guitar-driven, hook-filled sound. Arcwords is for fans of Bloc Party, The Smiths and Everything Everything, but most of all… for fans of Arcwords!

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