Animal Waves – In the Ground

Most breakups are tough, however Animal Waves‘ tops it off with what was their inspiration for ‘In the Ground’. Animal Waves is former Lauryn Hill guitarist, and Slash collaborator, Robert Davis. ‘In the Ground’ is taken off the latest full length LP, which was released earlier this year. Animal Waves is an exciting, creative collaboration that promises to bring many influences to the table, with a focus on blues and rock’n’roll. Their sound is fuzzed out rock combined with an honest style of songwriting, inspired by the state of affairs of the people.

I asked for Robert’s take on the song: “It’s about pulling your proper weight in a relationship, and how respectfully living up to your significant other is very important. I find this to be a struggle as a lifer in music, and always want to do better as a person. This tune is a personal note that motivates me to do just that.”

It’s The Black Keys in combination with Animal Waves’ personal formula that make this a rocking tune that is hard to get out of your head!

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