Innerkid – I Lied

Innerkid‘s latest single ‘I Lied’ is a moody and hazy one with a colourful background that is fuelled by electronic effects, as are the vocals at times. It’s the relaxed and laid back build up of the song that eases the listener into Innerkid’s latest story. I appreciate his blend of genres amongst which indie, electronic pop and a dash of hip hop are the ones most standing out. The goal of the single is to reach a broader audience which I think with his blend of influences is a very achievable goal.

Innerkid’s ‘I Lied’ is about breaking down personal boundaries and realising that it is okay to admit who you are. His lo-fi bedroom pop doesn’t leave anything up to the imagination, Innerkid is exactly what he sounds like. The Austin-native has a desire to artistically pursue self-realisation, his crispy pop an expression of his being. Innerkid will be releasing new music periodically the upcoming months, all in collaboration with mixing and mastering engineer David Kim (Selena Gomez, Beyonce).

I am a fan of Innerkid’s honesty even though his electronically-fuelled sound is not what I would usually enjoy, his sound is a good soundtrack for my lazy afternoons.

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