Callum Pitt – Out of the Trees

Young and inspiring Newcastle-based lad Callum Pitt has released a new single and it is exactly what we hoped it would be. It has been some time since Callum released new music and it was a tough choice choosing when to release new music. I am more than happy Callum decided to release ‘Out of the Trees’ rather sooner than later, as it was just the comforting sound I needed on this sunny Friday afternoon. Lockdown or not, music should never stop.

The humble yet very talented singer songwriter has been building his profile over the past couple of years and with this newest single he shows he has found his sound. It is an improved and refined version of his previously released singles, even though I wasn’t sure if those were possibly able to be topped. ‘Out of the Trees’ brings an upbeat, soothing new indie sound that is more than a singer songwriter track, yet simple and without too much finery. Callum has the special gift to make me long more for his music with every new release. His open, honest and harmonious songs are ones I recognise from afar, the passion and energy radiating through my speakers as I type.

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