PREP – Pictures Of You

PREP have just released a bubbly, bluesy disco-tune that makes it impossible for you not to swing along. ‘Pictures Of You’ is a pleasant surprise fuelled by high pitched vocals, soothing harmonies and a colourful soundscape that is filled with hooks and filthy bass riffs. The cross-cultural four-piece consists of musicians of which you might not know the names but you’ll most definitely recognise some of the names of the artists they have worked with. Think of Anna Of The North, Foxes and Kasabian. Impressive huh? We can hear their musical backgrounds and determination through in ‘Pictures Of You’, it’s a well structured, catchy and infectious track!

Their funky sound is comparable to artists such as Kaytranda, Mac DeMarco and Thundercat, to name just a few. As I have totally found the dancing queen in myself guided by ‘Pictures Of You’, it excites me to know that there is an album on the way! The band is using their time in isolation to create and collaborate and they’re ready to unleash more music very soon…

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