Pawn Painters – Drifting

A thrilling and thriving new track is currently blaring through my speakers and it’s Pawn Painters‘ upbeat new release ‘Drifting’. ‘Drifting’ instantly kicks off with an upbeat rhythm and accompanying guitar riffs that are catchy, infectious and they work like a shot of caffeine. With a roaring and filling chorus the band paint a picture of being trapped in a relationships in which you are not allowed to be yourself. “I know that I have to get away from you, that I can fly without you, that I can do all the things you said I couldn’t. But I am tied to you. Trapped in a storm that keeps blowing me down.”

The hazy main vocals lean comfortably on their moody 3D-soundscape. The Upper Bavaria-based outfit does not consist of painters yet if they would be, their paintings would be rich in intense colours and patterns, as is their music. Their spherical soundscape leans towards pop punk yet is driven by alternative indie. Pawn Painters is an exotic ice cream flavour that you have always wanted to try but never had the chance to, however, now is your chance!

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