Mid-May’s Favourites

dumb – My Condolences

Tapetown Studios is back with their Tapetown Sessions and one of their first new sessions goes to dumb. The Vancouver-based post punk band bring their live energy to your living room with their ‘live in studio’ session. ‘My Condolences’ is an upbeat, angular indie punk track with a video that is raw and stomping! The North American-based outfit have released multiple albums and EP’s and are on their way to bigger adventures.

The New Madness – Thru Hard Times

‘Thru Hard Times’ is the latest bluesy garage rock track by Berlin-based rock outfit The New Madness. It’s their upbeat, hook-fuelled and inspiring mix of influences and sounds that make this a pleasant single to listen and bounce along to. Combine gritty riffs, high pitched harmonies and infectious ‘ooh’s’ and ‘aah’s’ and what you’ve got is a new top track! 

Sarpa Salpa – Forwards Backwards 

Emerging indie alternative outfit Sarpa Salpa have handed over their latest offering to their new and future fans. ‘Forwards Backwards’ is exactly what I had hoped to hear from an emerging indie band, an infectious and hooky track with a cheerful and upbeat vibe. I can’t wait to see bands like Sarpa Salpa out on the road again, and with a preference for the road leading to Newcastle!

FloodHounds – Something Primeval

A dark yet upbeat bluesy, guitar-driven new release has been brought to us by FloodHounds. ‘Something Primeval’ is a burst of energy and a positive sounding questionnaire on if we should trust our deeply buried primeval instincts… It’s their blend of multiple genres and unexpected hooks that make this an outstanding new song. The trio from Sheffield live up to their name as their raw energy and pure passion sounds like that of a hungry yet playful hound!

Elina – Blue

Since Elina’s wondrous single ‘Paper Planes’ which was released earlier this year, I’ve kept my eyes and ears open for new music and today is the day. ‘Blue’ is a delicate, touching and heartfelt ballad with a stunning lyric video that adds even more sentiment to Elina’s exquisite songwriting. Her vulnerable message is about the bittersweet feeling of realising you have actually moved on from something. “There’s a certain awakening when you don’t hurt anymore and the brighter memories start to outshine the sad ones.’Blue’, to me, is about that.”

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