Ghost Love – Change Your Mind

A combination of a hazy Cure-sound, synths with a pop-infused soundscape and simple lyrics are what describes Ghost Love‘s new single best. ‘Change Your Mind’ is like a bright, coloured bike that takes you as far as your imagination goes. Ghost Love takes you on a journey through their musical brain and does it with allure. Their laid back yet tight and refined sound embraces the soft voice of vocalist David who tells a story about how a long term relationship needs to be built on its own mythologies to be able to stand the test of time.

Ghost Love was founded by two Montreal-based producers that released their debut EP in 2017. ‘One Lands’ sounds as if been made by a completely different band, with a high amount of electronic effects and a somewhat unstructured soundscape, and my personal preference goes out to Ghost Love’s latest pathway. Their new path being one that is more authentic and one that builds on their dream wave sound. The next EP is planned to be released in 2021 and will be released on UK-based label Pond Life, and I’m looking forward to hear what the next releases are going to sound like!

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