Home State – Call Me/ Leave Me

Home State have released a new single and I knew I had to put my pen to paper to express my thoughts. I first came across it on my New Music Friday playlist, and I am relishing what I am hearing.

The US-based band cleverly blend rock with a refreshing dose of electro-pop. The amount of quality dropping is enormous on ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’ and vocally, the band is on fire. I got thrown out of my seat as soon as the chorus hit because of it brightly shining vocals, the catchy melodies and strong diction.

Poignant and refreshing are the two words to sum up the entire piece. Musically, the band follow a similar style to their previous hit, but they are toning their sound down a bit which I like. There is more emphasis on the electronic instruments which I feel is a great choice given that the top tracks released this year are swaying this way too. The beat thumps and roaring bass come out greatly when listening on a speaker set up with substantial low range, however, when listening on a mobile device, those dynamics are missing, which is a shame.

‘Call Me/ Leave Me’ includes a soothing piano melody which makes its way into a lot of sections and gives the illusion of the end of the song, which confused me while listening. Besides confusion, the hook can also be called a smart addition as it leaves the listener guessing. Overall, the band are headed in a strong direction with their fresh electro-pop and rock sound!

Written by James Davids

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