The Blues And Greys – Mayday

A soothing, dreamy and inspiring sound has been brought into bright daylight by The Blues And Greys. Their new single is called ‘Mayday’ and the single touches on the difficulties of cultivating healthy relationships in young adulthood. Lead singer Lindsey has the gift of singing while sounding like it does not cost her any effort. Her sparkling voice leans comfortably on The Blues And Greys-sound structure, one that takes advantage of its hooks and does just not get bland throughout!

California-based indie rock-infused band have been taking notice of the different electronic elements and have created a dark pop soundscape that matches perfectly with Lindsey’s voice. It’s as if the soundscape was created to form a warm blanket around the powerful front woman’s vocals. Since the release of their debut EP, The Blues And Greys have been noticed by some notable media outlets among which are MTV and The Huffington Post. The band haven’t only written music for themselves, but were also heard in commercials for Budweiser and Subaru, and not to forget popular television shows such as Awkward and Teen Mom.

I’m nearly getting distracted from their new release, with all these notable facts… Vocalist Lindsey explains a little on what the single is about: “A lot of times relationships would fall apart over bad communication, dishonesty, and lack of trust. It seemed like a common theme while navigating life in my mid twenties. Things would feel really good with a person one second and then the next it would all be one big beautiful lie.” It’s time for you to give it a listen now!


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