Kadeema – What Are We Not Saying Now

‘I’m hungry for answers, thirsty for truth…’ A song that has been inspired by grand bands that have proven to be popular in the charts over the past couple of years, it’s not what I would usually listen. However, Kadeema grabbed me with their filling sound and a combination of changing rhythms, stunning vocals and soothing harmonies. It’s the soundscape they have created, one that shows to be versatile and has not been drawn from just one artist. ‘What Are We Not Saying Now’ has taken little bits of multiple releases and woven those together in a rather different blend of indie pop.

It’s not as outstanding as I have been looking for, my quest to find the next big thing hasn’t been going as well, simply because I’m a sucker for infectious pop songs. Yet Kadeema has awoken something in me, with their stadium-filling sound and infectious vocals. The Ontario-based duo are releasing a new EP in the near future and ‘What Are We Saying Now’ is the first release of it. “The track was inspired by the age we’re living in making it a little too dangerous to speak our minds. True honesty is perceived as aggressive behaviour. We may have swung the pendulum too far that we’re afraid to speak to each other from fear of consequences.”

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