May’s Last Musical Round Up

Alex Mullins – Problems

A synth-pop driven dream with an infectious rhythm and intriguing vocals is what ‘Problems’ is. It’s Alex Mullins latest release, and even though he is one, he’s outgrown the genre of singer songwriter. It’s his tenth release and a modern love song for the person who makes all your daily problems seem irrelevant once you finally get to see them again at the end of the day.

Cigarettes After Sex – You’re All I Want

One of 2019’s favourite indie rock bands have released a new single called ‘You’re All I Want’. It’s like as if I’ve dreamed I’m sitting on a slightly rocking cloud that’s singing me a lullaby, a really soothing and very musical lullaby. “I saw a fantasy involving my girlfriend and I. Reversing our roles and retelling the way we met, while imagining what a sweet future might look like together.” ‘You’re All I Want’ sounds exactly like the sweet future I have in mind!

Nadu – Bottled Air

Filthy, fuzzy garage rock injected with a couple shots of energy and some angry shouting vocals is what Nadu have recently released. ‘Bottled Air’ sounds like the last straw that broke the camels’ back, it’s a release within a release! Los Angeles-based garage rock outfit Nadu have jumped onto my radar and are there to stay, inspired by bands such as The White Stripes, FIDLAR and Bass Drum Of Death their sound is right up my street.

Slackbone – I Like It

Some more fast paced, high energy fuzz rock is coming your way in the form of Slackbone‘s new single ‘I Like It’, out tomorrow! The band take inspiration from a loud groove genre that they are reinventing with their debut single. Combine lazy guitar riffs with a brutal drumbeat and nearly insane energy and what you’ve got is a Slackbone-sound. ‘I Like It’ is lyrically the most simple I have heard, as that’s what the band want you to do… To like it.

Shrimp Eyes – Straight Up

Shrimp Eyes have just released an upbeat indie pop track with a summer vibe and a steadily infectious rhythm, ‘Straight Up’ is the promising follow up of previous singles that are currently nowhere to be found… The London-based four-piece are bringing us a playful, don’t-take-it-so-seriously, indie pop song that is as the title says… ‘Straight Up’.

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