Dancing On Tables – Losing It

With their tour being cancelled, indie pop band Dancing On Tables kept busy by writing new music and creating a video in which all fans that missed their shows appear. ‘Losing It’ is an infectious yet simple indie pop song with a rather upbeat sound and spoken vocals with their recognisable Scottish accent. It’s hard to top an absolute hit such as ‘Missing’, but the band is brave and went into battle to create a sound catchier than their earlier released singles. It’s up to their fans to decide if they have succeeded, but my personal opinion is that ‘Losing It’ is just a little too simple.

They have, however, taken the formula of a successful indie pop song and brought it into play with ‘Losing It’, simple or not, it’s hard not to move along to this single. The single is the first release of the bands’ upcoming EP, which is due for release this summer. Their fanbase is still rapidly growing as Dancing On Tables are what we all hope to experience on a busy festival field. ‘Losing It’ is upbeat, energetic and has a positive ring to it, which is why I decided that I will be listening to the track again and again, because what I need is a cheerer upper and that’s exactly what Dancing On Tables brought us.

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