HighSchool Jacob – Stacey

Los Angeles-based alternative pop brain HighSchool Jacob has released a new track that is an instant shot of good vibes and energetic 80’s synths. ‘Stacey’ is a layered, danceable new single that has been inspired by feel-good jams from the 80’s combined with modern day electronic pop. Musical project HighSchool Jacob was set up back in 2017 with the intention to combine elements from modern pop and R&B. His inspiration comes from art pop and indie rock and takes all the best, positive vibes from them and transforms those into a blend of upbeat yet relaxed sound.

Jacob will be releasing ‘HSJ 2020’, a collection of music and corresponding video games highlighting his continued growth as an artist. With his remarkable way of releasing music, combining it with video games and staying true to himself, the artist have set himself apart from other musicians these days. HighSchool Jacob realised that everyone could use video games to play while life struggles to get back to normal. “Each release will come equipped with a flash game available to play for free on the HighSchool Jacob website.” Those games will be focused around the ideas that created each song.

I have never been into video games, yet if they are a combination of music and 80’s inspired sounds, I’ll be more than happy to give it a try!

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