The White Lakes – Summer (She Won’t Wait)

Four-piece indie rock band The White Lakes have released a new tune, ‘Summer (She Won’t Wait)’ combines upbeat rock with comforting vocals and a fast paced soundscape that leaves no room for sitting still. The Guildford-based outfit are barely in their twenties yet sound determined and have created a sound that seems unique to their influences. Their new single is a festival anthem that should have been played loud and with flair while being spread over several festival greens.

Luckily the band have not let themselves been pushed back by the pandemic and instead of sulking in a corner they’ve created what they want to hear as soon as festivals take place again. It’s their positive, energetic vibe that got me going and even though I’m a big fan of moody singer songwriter singles, I’m glad this is not one of them!

The past two years, The White Lakes have been creating and improving and played several small venues as well as headline shows and big festival stages. The band is heading in a more polished direction, which is, in my opinion, a shame. Writing with big producers might push them towards a bigger audience yet their sound might become more generic along the way, I’m curious to see and hear what the band will lean towards with their experience and knowledge.


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