THE HARA – Circus

The Hara have just released their new single ‘Circus’, a soaring rock anthem that’s bursting at the seems and made me wiggle in my chair. Their gritty alternative rock sound has moved many fans and won’t stop moving fans if they keep releasing new tunes with a high quality stamp the way they’re currently doing! The band is ambitious, loud and passionate which is what made ‘Circus’ stand out for me.

Combine a distorted intro with passionate vocals and parts being spoken instead of sung. It’s something refreshing and something different, The Hara are what I listened to when I was a teenager, but in a grown up suit with a passionate and energetic twist. ‘Circus’ is comparing the state of the world right now, and how everything seems to be a circus. Its title matches its chaotic sound and the passionate that drenches the soundscape as well as the vocals. The Hara have been going without putting on the breaks since their first YouTube music video in 2017. It’s brought them many fans, a spot on live show and an incredibly well thought through sound that they made their own.

The pandemic threw a spanner in the works and had them reschedule their big UK tour as well as a packed festival summer, with ‘Circus’ it seems like the band isn’t even touched by it. The Hara won’t stop what they’re doing anytime soon and it’s given me a shot of energy!

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