Danny Smart – She’s Mine (video)

Danny Smart is the freshest name to come out of the country scene in recent times. However, his music does not solely stick to this genre. With his quality sound and feeling for rock, ‘She’s Mine’ is a delightful listen for anyone who loves a good rock track.

He has an edge which we do not see a lot these days, vocally, Danny has true grit and power. Is it because he is from Yorkshire? Maybe. Some of the greatest singers hail from this region, there must be something in the water? Smart sings with emotion dripping out of his sleeve and expresses how proud he is of his girlfriend, as he wants us all to know.

Musically, ‘She’s Mine’ glistens. The guitar riffs we hear and the solo towards the latter of the track have the power to pull you off your chair. I could not help but get fixated by his guitar movement, and it’s awe-inspiring for anyone keen on top quality guitar-led music. I would, however, have liked to hear some more backing in the chorus, as it sounds like an anthemic backing echo would have made it even more powerful. Nevertheless, ‘She’s Mine’ is catchy and gets stuck to you like chewy gum on the bottom of your boot.

I am digging Danny Smart’s new direction and sound, he has taken his influences from some of the country and rock greats and put his own stamp on it. Nevertheless, the singer still has a lot to prove to ensure his name goes down in the country music history books. ‘She’s Mine’ is leading him to the right path. Check it out for yourself and share your thoughts with us!

Words by James Davids

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