Levi Lights On Project – Live To Be

A blues-fuelled, country song has been released. Levi Lights On Project makes me want to cruise the desert in an Old Timer with the wind in my hair. ‘Live To Be’ is as soothing as it gets, with string sections that went straight to my heart and subtle harmonies that only add to its dreamy and hazy vibes. ‘Live To Be’ is a short journey instead of a simple single, there is nothing uninspiring about this release and it instantly made me look for Levi Lights On Project’s earlier music. I have been longing for something that sounds slightly positive yet isn’t a simple shot of energy. Something that makes me feel something, that gives me goosebumps and makes me think of memories I had put in a box long time ago.

Music is a universal language and Levi made that very clear, there are no boundaries within music and there is no need to stop when something is going fast and smoothly. Even though ‘Live To Be’ is a good 3.45 minutes, it’s still too short for me. I just don’t have anything bad to say about this… Sorry.

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