Saint Raymond – Right Way Round (video)

It’s an upbeat yet simple indie pop sound that will always get me moving, no matter what, and Saint Raymond is today’s source. ‘Right Way Round’ is their latest single with video, a weirdly accurate illustration of an old lonely man in a pub. Do I say that right or am I missing a connotation?

Saint Raymond’s debut album ‘Young Blood’ is one that I completely missed, yet I was one of the few who had not been paying attention. Luckily for me I now get to focus on the Nottingham-based artist and start from scratch, there’s so much music yet to discover! ‘Right Way Round’ is an infectious synth-driven indie pop tune that would undoubtedly do well in venues and at festivals. It’s filling sound matches the song’s lyrics, lyrics that explore a tangled state of mind. “We’re not losing all control, we’re just learning how to float.”

Saint Raymond says about the subject of the song: “Right Way Round is about feeling like you’re on the outside, like you’re floating through life and it’s making you feel alone. But the more you scratch the surface and look around you, realise that there’s a load of us who feel like we’re different, on the outside and unsure of the future and that there’s beauty in that.” I couldn’t agree more.

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