Mae Krell – Home

Delicate, sweet, with a hint of stubbornness and a great deal of passion, it’s Mae Krell‘s new single ‘Home’. Their voice is something I could listen to at any time, on any day and in any setting. It gives me the good chills and makes me drift off to the woods where I can be whatever I want. ‘Home’ was written when Mae first moved back to New York City after having worked on herself for a while. “Suddenly I was scared of everything around me. There was a fear that formed because I actually cared about myself and my safety, ‘Home’ is about coming to terms with that.”

Mae Krell isn’t your average twenty-year-old, the singer songwriter writes about what it’s like growing up in 2020, but the most vulnerable parts of it. We’re all working on ourselves daily and so is Mae, doing it through music and opening up to their listeners is an ability we don’t all posses. Mae does it with finesse and a progressing growth that has me excited, I can’t wait to see what their future releases will entail… and teach me about myself!

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