Willow Robinson – Spring (EP)

A soothing, dreamy and cleverly put together EP has been released by ‘planet earth-based singer’ Willow Robinson. The young lad is a bit of a mystery to me and his social media following, as it’s hard to find any background information on the artist. His music, however, completely exposes the core of his being. ‘Spring’ is his new EP, the follow up of last season’s ‘Winter’. The EP consists of only three songs, which in this case is just the right amount. ‘Spring’ opens up with single ‘Spring’, an instrumental, wandering and soothing piece of guitar music. It made me think of one of my early teenage-favourites ‘Never Think’, a song Robert Pattinson wrote and song as part of the Twilight trilogy. You might not be a fan of Twilight, but ‘Never Think’ will give you goosebumps everywhere, and I mean, everywhere.

Second on the EP is single ‘Beyond The Storm’, a passionate and filling track that evolves around the slightly raspy vocals of Willow Robinson. It’s his thought through and poetic type of songwriting that grabbed me by the balls and wouldn’t let go. It’s something I have been missing in recent releases, simply written songs are just not for me. Willow, however… “Leave your comfort for a minute, and always search for more. I know it’s hard to admit it, but there’s warmth beyond the storm.”

‘Stay’ is an extension of ‘Beyond The Storm’, a continuing narrative that knits the EP together. ‘Spring’ sounds like a summary of singer songwriter Willow’s talents, and even though he’s got a soothing voice and the charm of a young handsome lad, this seems all there is to it. I would have liked to hear more depth within his sound, something more of an edge, and something that sounds a little riskier. ‘Spring’ is a great soundtrack for your lazy afternoons, and not made for being in the background, yet it’s a little too goody-goody. Where is that personality, that stubbornness? Or am I being too harsh? Judge for yourself!

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