CPWM 7″ Singles: Van Houten & In The Morning Lights

Leeds-based music magazine Come Play With Me shows what it’s like to be a versatile business as they don’t only focus on covering local and emerging artists, they also release music in the form of the CPWM 7″ Singles! May’s turn is for Van Houten and In The Morning Lights, both Leeds-based bands were supposed to play this year’s The Great Escape. It’s safe to say that CPWM have got the finger on the pulse and know what emerging talents to keep an eye and ear on!

Van Houten‘s ‘Better Than This’ is an ambient and atmospheric, slowly building indie pop song with an ever-interesting soundscape that makes me think of a spicy form of dream pop. ‘Better Than This’ is about searching and working for a better life, and has a hopeful tone to it. Singer Louis elaborates: “The song addresses how easy it can be for life to pass you by, especially when you’re always focusing on the next step, or bigger picture.” In the end every bigger picture is made up of small details, and with ‘Better Than This’ Van Houten has become one of my new favourite details.

I would like to applaud CPWM for creating a line-up that works so well together, it nearly sounds as if these bands collaborated on their singles for the new 7″. In The Morning Lights wrote a more electronically-fulled, yet equally ambient and soothing single. ‘Into Sunlight’ is grand at times, is delicate at times, but is passionate at all times and fuelled by a big vat of love for their uniquely crafted genre. It’s a combination of alternative pop and hip hop with a dose of electro pop and a splash of romantic dreams. ‘Into Sunlight’ describes a secret love affair unfolding, Frankie explains “The opening line says it all ‘Three lovers, one plays the fool’. ‘Into Sunlight’ is narrated by both of us from the perspective of two characters simultaneously. The script-like lyric follows the conflict between right and wrong and into desire. It calls to question love, morality and human nature.”

You can listen stream ‘Better Than This’ and ‘Into Sunlight right here (underneath here), however what I think you should do is get a physical copy, right here!


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