Youth Sector – Real Estate

A band I have enjoyed listening to for some time now have finally released a new track! It’s upbeat, energetic and driven by what seems to be the sound of an arcade machine. Youth Sector are bringing their passion back to our devices through ‘Real Estate’! The Brighton-based up and coming indie rock band deliver another slice of infectious indie and will be releasing their debut EP ‘Mundanity’ mid July!

The EP is a collection of four tracks, with artwork by the legendary Storm Studios (Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Muse) and is a product of young adulthood. ‘Real Estate’ is a perfect taster for what’s about to be released, a fast paced and personal product of the bands’ musical brain. The band is never one to revel in bleakness, Youth Sector twist everyday worries and points of view into music that is without worries and with a load of energy, irresistible hooks and choruses. “The EP reflects feelings, thoughts and ideas that come with the everyday reality we all share at this point in our lives, for instance the somewhat comedic woes of trying to find an affordable house to rent that isn’t falling apart at the seams.”

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