Brijs – Velvet Ditch

‘Velvet Ditch’ is the latest punk-inspired fast paced indie rock track by London-based artist Brijs. With a promising and upbeat intro Brijs introduced me to his sound in a pleasant way. Surprising hooks and changes within its rhythm make ‘Velvet Ditch’ an ever-changing, genre-blending new release. Brijs is bringing a bright and vibrant energy to the scene, and ‘Velvet Ditch’ is only his second out of six singles to be released this year. 

The track was written during a time spent living in a neglected mansion and inspired by a phrase used to describe its sleepy surroundings, “so comfortable, you’ll never want to get out.” About the track, Brijs said: “The first verse is a nod to my friend Harry and his older brother Jack, drummer in Warmduscher. Harry had told me about the phrase ‘velvet ditch’ during a rant about him feeling trapped in our hometown. At that time his brother was touring all over the place, seeing the world, whilst Harry was still living at home trying to save money for his version of an exit. Ironically for me it was returning to my hometown that was the escape. My velvet ditch was life in London before writing the album.”

“I was working flat out as a salaried composer in Soho and if I wasn’t working late, I was at an industry event or party. The money was good but I was starting to feel washed out, stagnant and like I’d lost sight of why I wanted to make music. I was already looking for an escape when a property guardianship of this crumbling old house came up for £300 a month… A huge place, massive windows, over-grown garden, terraces covered in wisteria. I could write and record there for next to nothing. It was like a light on the horizon – I decided to pursue it.”

‘Velvet Ditch’ is about recognising the moment when you become too comfortable to move on from something that you have gotten very acquainted to. The choices we all face at that point are very craftily translated into Brijs’ new single.


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