Seatbelts – Sinful City

‘Sinful City’ is Liverpool-based four-piece Seatbelts‘ new release, one with a mysterious intro and a mellow, rhythmic continuum. It is a combination of factory-like horns, adamant bass loops and futuristic landscapes that paint a rather colourful yet one dimensional picture. There are hints of dream pop and I can even imagine myself in a jazz club listening to Seatbelts, yet their blending of all these genres has them ending up in the indie pop cubicle anyway. Nothing wrong with that, right?

With ‘Sinful City’, the band touches upon themes such as capitalism, modernisation and escapism. It’s a recurring theme as they have spoken about before mentioned topics on their earlier released work. Some of their rather inventive lyrics are “A lifestyle constant trial… Despair and desperation take hope.” In combination with the driving beat and brass sections, the band have created their own sound. The single comes with a rather literally interpreted video that is quirky and simple yet funny. Seatbelts are sharing their message in a positive and lighthearted way, something rather helpful at the moment. Have a look for yourself and share with us what you think of it!

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