The Actual Goners – Diamond Dust

‘Diamond Dust’ is the first single of The Actual Goners‘ upcoming self titled EP, and it’s a warm Americana-inspired pop song with an infectious soundscape and soothing vocals. The track celebrates the joy of shared experiences, and I’m happy whoever wants to hear it is able to experience the comforting sound of The Actual Goners with me. “The imagery in the song is a mix of two different evenings spent wandering around with friends, far from the city, under the stars… While drunk.”

The slightly edgy, yet simmering voice that leads us through The Actual Goner’s new short story is one that had me in awe from the start. It’s not as special as that might make it sound, but it’s one of these voices that are hard to shake off. Sounding effortless yet very well rehearsed. A passion for music and live performance is what got the band here and it’ll hopefully get them a lot further in the near future.

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