The Lizardtones – Van In Flames

A new garage rock track with a rather infectious soundscape has been released by American five-piece The Lizardtones. ‘Van In Flames’ is their latest, distorted yet upbeat and positive sounding release, taken of their new album ‘The Boons’. The album is a product of their opinions and experiences with personal subjects such as misunderstanding, the urges of wanting more and inequality of consequences for living an impoverished lifestyle.

The track itself is blurry and unstructured in its own charming way and seems to translate many of our thoughts these days. They climb over and under each other and it’s hard to figure out what they actually mean. In testing times like these I find music a comforting companion and the lead vocals of ‘Van In Flames’ are what comfort me on this specific evening, while writing this review. There’s not much to find of the band, which is what suits their ambience and the feeling of mystery their music gives off. It’s something mysterious yet uncomplicated, just music. The Saint Louis-based band focus on that one thing, to make good music.

It’s good, not great, but it is comforting, distracts from the confusion of everyday life, and works a treat when you need a bop along to a relaxed genre-blending track.

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